Preparing for the Shoot


Cars in the driveway. Please move any vehicles that may be in the driveway. They can cause a distraction when potential buyers are viewing the photos.

The yard should be neatly mowed and the shrubbery trimmed. If trash cans are in view, please move them to the garage or store out of site along with any hoses and children's toys.

The home should be Neat and Clean. Please have all clutter removed, put extra “stuff” away. The beds should be made and furniture should be dusted. These will be high quality images and things that you might not consider will be seen. Mirrors and windows should be clean. There are potentially hundreds of people that will view the listing online.

Personal effects. If there are rooms that have excessive decorations/furnishings, please remove as much excess as possible. Excess decorations and picture don't often photograph well. It might be time to start packing some stuff up in advance of the future move.

Lights and Fans. All ceiling fans should be off and clean, all lights should be on, bulbs in a multi light fixture should be the color of light. 

Magazines, literature, etc. If you have places in the home that have reading material or other similar items please put them away.

Deferred maintenance. On occasion a home will have a few things that need to repaired or “touched up”, now is a good time to consider taking care of those things. Replace any lights/bulbs that aren't working, all of the lights in the home will be turned on for the shoot. Look at the home as if you were buying it with “fresh eyes”. If you see it the camera and potential buyers could see it also.